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Submit Post or Send Notes – Knowledgebase

If you want to write an article for Notes Wrapper, please use the form below to submit the article. You don’t need to add pics etc. We will take care of images and formatting everything.

*Note – After submission we have right to modify, accept and reject the article and publish under administration name. You can’t claim for anything related to the article like credit, modification, rejection, deletion etc after submission.

**# – We will give you credit for the article (for published article only).

#350Words – Article should be original and not published anywhere. It should be more than 350 words also. These are Mandatory requirement for article approval.

*# – If you don’t want to use form below for submitting articles (currently in developing mode). No Problem, send your article in word or PDF format through email – teamnw@noteswrapper.com 

*# – You can also share your google drive, dropbox or any cloud storage url for sharing your notes and articles directly.

*Video – For video, please insert or provide youtube, vimeo or other video containing platform link.

*#WriteArticle – Please see the below pic for better understanding of how to write article using our article submission form.

**# – Insert media option available only for our regular contributor and authors.