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WebCharger Knowledgebase

WebCharger is a medium to index your site at Notes Wrapper. it only consists quality full contents. There is only one condition to indexed here is that your site must have unique, original and meaningful contents.


Why WebCharger

Searching for a quality full content, we spend lots of time over internet. Time is precious for every person therefore we start this program to centralize the quality full and unique content at one place to reduce the wastage of time and get things easily.
It works like a bridge between users and quality contents and close the gap between users and contents. It will help lots of aspirants and students in various examinations to save their time by providing valuable contents at single platform.

*Note – Currently We are in beta development process, therefore we only indexed educational sites and contents, but we accept all types of site (not applicable for sites which are harmful for our user like too much ads, redirect page anonymously, banned contents etc) and unlock promotion for all the approved site.

How It Works –

After indexing your site with us, we will review your entire site and index only unique and quality contents from your site. Notes Wrapper will only provide link to the original source or website of contents. It works like a content center, when someone click on an article, Notes Wrapper will redirect the user to the source of content(original website).

Benefits of WebCharger –

Once your site is approved after reviewing process (It will take only 48 hours, in some cases it can take more than it), your contents will appear on Notes Wrapper. After that you will eligible to get descent amount of traffic directly from Notes Wrapper to your site (It is not compulsory, Depends on user interest).

  • NotesWrapper sends traffic to your website that will increase your site statics.
  • There is no any reason to refuse WebCharger.
  • Very helpful for new websites to grow and get traffic quickly.

*Note – Currently It is in beta version. So it is not mandatory that you will get traffic quickly. Everything will be depend on your content. Your content must b appealing, informative and easy to understand.

Read Before Applying –

You need to follow some criteria to apply for the WebCharger mention below.

1- Site must be Neat & Clean, Easy site navigation. (normal ads like adsense, adchoice, affiliate allowed but in a limited manner – not all over the page)
2- Avoid lots of Ads at every corner of your site. Must avoid popups ads and page redirection ads.
3- Site that contain harmful and malicious code and link are not eligible.
4- No any adult or other misguiding contents or ads (that violate and misguide the users) in your site.

How to Apply –

1- Apply For Enter Site –

You need to only click the apply button and enter required information(Use correct information).

2- Apply For Selected Article or Post

If you want to indexed 1, 2 posts or more than it (not entire site), please apply with the respected post link only.

Currently our submission platform is in development mode. Please submit your site by sending mail at teamnw@noteswrapper.com

*Imp – Please mention complete details like site urls (for entire site), post urls (for selected post only), your full name, address, contact info etc.

You will get a notification email about the status of the application in both cases (Approved and Rejected).

Note* – Notes Wrapper has all the rights to approved or reject the application without giving any reason. It also has the right to disable, suspend, remove url etc at any time without giving prior notification or something else.